Amplify Today

August 1, 2012

Robert Heinlein described the integration of technology and man in his 1959 classic science fiction novel “Starship Troopers” as amplified. With innovations beyond anyone’s imagination then, he envisioned men and women exceeding the limits of speed and strength through technology.

In the context of Heinlein’s novel, technology was used to amplify the people on earth to battle aliens. Soldiers wore powered suits to give them more firepower, greater endurance, and less vulnerabilities. Makes for great science fiction but (forgive the pun) it’s worlds away.

This blog isn’t about getting your own power suit and battling aliens (maybe someday).  Amplify is about how technology can enhance your fitness and health like it’s done for me.

A year and half ago I was forty pounds heavier. With the support of my beautiful wife, personal motivation and discipline, and advantages of technology I lost the weight and want to lose some more. Now I look at my health in terms of how I can amplify it.

This blog will look ways of amplifying health and fitness. Apps, gear, nutrition, strategies – the technology exists (with more on the horizon) and that’s my favorite kind of science fiction.